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    Satisfied Visitors-Customers

    If you like the site and/or you are pleased with your purchase and my service, I would appreciate sharing your comments here; just send me an email and I will paste in your comments.   I will use your first name and state or country only.  Thank you kindly.~Carlene

    Congratulations on your new online store! I really enjoyed the photos.  I too love dogs and support several rescue organizations. I was touched to read your information. Blessings. ~Eliza, Maine

    ...checked your site and it’s very cool. Loved all the doggie photos and references of course. I loved the one of Freedom holding the newspaper on the Newsletter page, and I like the one of Joy with all the beads…well actually I love ALL the dog photos.  Good luck with your new site…hope you get lots of hits and tons of good business and lots of new client friends. ~Cath, California

    Your beads are wonderfull, very beautiful and very good quality.  Thank you for the quick delivery.  Great as always, thank you. ~Brigite, France

    Highly recommended because:
    always perfect beads and that for such old beads!!
    always perfect and personel service,
    always clear and honest information,
    always fast shipping,
    always a pleasure to come back here!!
    Thank you.~Kees, Netherlands

    Thank you for providing such a delightful array of old beads and unusual pieces. The beads I recently purchased are even better than the pictures, and they arrived quickly and safely. It is a pleasure to know that I am buying from a knowledgable and professional seller who cares about her customers. Your handmade creations are breathtaking!  Hugs to the doggies, for they make browsing your store fun.  Wishing you the best of success with this glorious new store.~Lucy, Indiana 
    Dear Carlene:  Congratulations on your new store! As always, your merchandise and service are exceptional. Every box of beads I receive from you in the mail takes my breath away. It is a pleasure doing business in your store. I love the personal touch and your deep devotion to animals.  You can count on me to return again and again!~Jennifer, North Carolina
    Love to visit your site!  The beads I ordered are great and I'm looking forward to buying
    more.  Can't believe how fast the delivery was.  Enjoyed learning about the dogs and
    seeing their photos.~Billie, Arkansas 
    Hi Carlene:  I wish I needed something, but I've been through the store twice; guess I loaded up before!  I think the world of you and what you do and the products you offer.  The website is beautiful and you got off ebay--congrats!!  I will check back often to see what new beauties you are offering!~Cindy, Arkansas
    I feel so lucky to have discovered your store!  After my last 
    purchase, I planned to lay low for a while before I bought more beads 
    -- but I couldn't help myself and I placed another order today because your beads are truly 
    irresistible.  The beads I've already received are gorgeous.  It's 
    wonderful to have an internet store I trust completely.  And it warms 
    my heart to read about your pack and to know that, in a small way, 
    I'm supporting your work.  Thanks, Carlene.~Mary, Maine
    Hi Carlene: Thanks again for a friendly transaction and beautiful trade beads. I really like your website and your products. I will be back soon, that's for sure.~Eve, Canada Carlene, Got the beads today and they're really nice!!  One little problem, my 15 year old daughter laid claim to the little blue white hearts!  So I will put in another order.  Thanks so much for the GREAT service, you've got a new customer.~Tom, Alaska
    I received my beads in the mail today & was surprised with the very quick delivery.
    I absolutely love the beads purchased & will definitely be a return customer!!
    Thanks so much!!~Lisa, Connecticut
    Greetings from Maine and another happy bead recipient.  The Christmas beads I ordered were lovely, with a good mixture of colors ( I had shopped around on the net ).  Price was excellent and they arrived here faster than anything else that I have ever ordered on-line, even though you had posted a note to let folks know that you were busy till the end of November.  The site is just a fun place to visit, whether one needs to order anything, or not. Your artwork ( especially the antler baskets ) is unique and very beautiful.  However, the most beautiful thing is the work that you do with and for our canine friends; thank you most of all, for that.  Winters are long in Maine; I expect that I will be beading/ordering again, soon.  Peace.~ Sarah, Maine
    Thanks so much for the friendly & fast service. Your prices are always so fair & shipping is so reasonable. You are always a joy to do business with.~Rick, Colorado  Thanks for the lightning fast shipping Carlene.  The package arrived yesterday, but I picked it up today.  The brass beads are as nice as pictured and very well made.  I will definitely be back for more beads.  You have some interesting very unique beads and your postage rates are very reasonable.~Margaret, Canada
    Carlene--------I'm ever so grateful that I found your site a couple of
    years ago.  I had no knowledge of African Trade Beads and was eager to
    learn.  You so patiently taught me and shared with me your incredible
    wealth of knowledge and started me on the path to designing and
    collecting these precious pieces of history!  And in addition to all of
    that you became a trusted and special friend............who could ask
    for more?!  Your website and amazing collection of Trade Beads is still
    my first stop for gorgeous African treasures!  Thanks lady!  Blessing.~Karen, Utah
    Hey Carlene!  Received my order this am. Beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! Just as i expected! I have searched other sights and yours is by far the best quality and price!!!!!!   Will be placing another order probably in April.  Thanks so very much for the speedy delivery! ~Caril, Connecticut
    Hi Carlene,  This is my second purchase from your site. I bought some nice trade beads from you before and you even shipped them for free. They were very lovely and arrived instantly.
    Thank you for a quick shipment again. I have been evaluating many sites that sell trade beads and so far I have not found anyone who offers better quality trade beads for this price. And the variety is amazing as well. I will be back for sure.~Eve, Canada
    Hi Carlene,  I am ever so pleased with my plate which arrived today.  It was packed beautifully and arrived in excellent condition.  It was a real pleasure doing business with you. Thanks so much!~Arlene, Canada
    Dear Carlene, I just received my order. Thank you so much! The beads a really beautiful and good quality. I am just learning about the trade beads and your site is also educational. I love animals and especially dogs, so I'm happy to support the Canine Angels in some way.
    Keep up the good work! ~Diane, GA
    I looked all over for the right vintage trade beads. They are amazing. All of them in extraordinary condition.  You packed the beads so well and shipped them out so quickly. Thank you for your work. ~Penny, AZ
    Got it. Everything looks great. I really like the bear claw necklace, but everything is just excellent. Thanks for the quick shipment and all the coaching.~Kerry, TX 
    I received my parcel today and I am a delighted new customer.  So much so that I have just placed another order!~Monika, Switzerland
    I got the necklace Carlene…thank you it is awesome…you do great work!!!~George, Montana
    Hi Carlene,
    Thank you very much for the lovely beads, they have arrived today!  BIG box I wasn't expecting !!! Thank you for marking it as a gift too, that makes it so much easier!  Thanks again, and look forward to ordering more of your lovely beads in the near future!  Take care now and have a good day!
    Best wishes, ~Michelle, United Kingdom
    I was surprised to receive my package so fast-shipped on the same day I ordered it! Love the beads, excellent service & I appreciate you taking time to answer my questions! Thank you!~Debbie, AZ
    Carlene,  I’m new to the world of Indian trading beads and have found your very wide selection of historically interesting and very beautiful trade beads just the site to whet my new found appetite for trade beads.  I also greatly appreciate your assistance in selecting some very wonderful purchases.  Both your assortment and pricing are very appreciated.  I hope to revisit your website from time to time and purchase additional trade beads, and while I plan on enjoying them myself, I do look forward to someday sharing these historic trade beads with my grand children. I also appreciate your reaching out and touching the lives of disabled children with the puppies you raise for CAST.  I look forward to many more future purchases.  Thanks, Chuck~a misplaced Tennessean living in Ohio.
    Carlene's in Clancy and online, all's right with the world for perfect beads are now mine.
    When one isn't in the right spot to acquire the right wonderful old beads,
    thank our lucky stars for Carlene's quality, commitment and proper old fashioned decency.
    I shan't shop anywhere else online for old beads, save here for here I trust.
    All best in all you do, from deep in the heart of Texas with one foot in England.~Renee
    Hi Carlene...just received my box yesterday....WOW--you are right, those soft yellow ones are simply beautiful!  As always, everything is great, and packed for ultimate protection...my cat is loving all the popcorn pieces...LOL  Now that the beads are here, I better get busy making jewelry....take care!
    Laurie ~Canada
    Your packaging was superb! The paper towels around the bottom of the sweetgrass braids were still wet and I put 2 braids in the freezer, as you suggested. The package arrived promptly and I am VERY happy with your kindness and communication.  Sandra~Virgina
    Carlene, The beads arrived safely and I'm delighted. Many thanks for all your help. John~MA
    I am so happy I stumbled on the TurtleBear site.  I live in a small rural area but we have 3 extremely good bead stores yet I continue to use TurtleBear as my fourth store.  I've ordered hundreds of dollars of beads from Carlene.  All of the beads were just as described on the website--just beautiful.  Receiving each order has been like Christmas.  Carlene is a very responsive owner/seller; we've had very good email changes and she has personalized the experience completely.  I am completely satisfied with my TurtleBear experience.  Zo~Arcata, CA
    Thank you so much, Carlene for your wonderful store! I am so happy with my old beads. I can always count on great beads, 
    great prices, accurate descriptions, and such swift mailing service! I will continue to scour your site for new treasures!! Linda~IN









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    3 DECEMBER 2018





    A PORTION OF MY SALES GOES TO CANINE ANGELS SERVICE TEAMS (http://canine-angels.org/). Canine Angels Service Teams provides exceptional dogs for children with special needs, promoting the child's independence and providing a better quality of life.


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