Dear Star,

It will be one week tomorrow that you left here to start your journey back to FL and advanced training with Janet and the New Horizons people. It seems like a month, a sad month!!

I really miss having someone to "go get my shoes", "pick up the pencil", "take this to Pat", etc. And although there are still 6 dogs here it seems empty without you. That reaffirms to me how big your spirit is. Which is one of the reasons so many people fell in love with you and wondered "is that dog for sale?" That spirit and that sweet, loving face with those soft brown eyes could open anyone’s heart. Patrick and I miss that here very much. And Joy, Ruger and Beckie miss you too. I kinda think Griz misses you because you were so cute and always smelled so good to him. Ruger tried to get Joy to play chase with him the way you did but she cannot run as fast and she would rather play with the tennis ball.

So it has been kinda sad around here and I have cried a LOT of tears, mostly for myself but for Patrick and the dogs who do not shed tears. But if you were meant to stay here it would have worked out that way. And now it is time for you to grow up, even though you told me many times that you were "never gonna grow up!" and I am not sure you had yet when you left here. But Janet is pretty smart and she will know when you are being a kid; besides she asked me to send her all the commands you do know so you won’t be able to blow her off.

And now you are in heat again, and maybe will soon have babies! Oh my, I wish I could be there for that. You will have to be more grownup to have your own babies. I think you will like that after watching you with young Ruger and baby Beckie when they came here.

But Janet might also teach you many more things than you learned here. Things that will enable you to be a service dog for a handicapped person—wow, what an honor that would be!

I am sorry I was not able to do more physical things with you in the last couple of months because if I had maybe that would have helped you grow up a bit more. But that doesn’t matter now because you will have some really good teachers, wonderful people who will love you as much as we did.

So no matter what you path ends up being, always remember and never forget that I love you, that I am so proud of you and that I will never forget you and you will always be my puppy Star.

Thank you for being such a light in my life Star.