The Rest of the Pack

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Canine Friends



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The newest member of our pack is a golden retriever named Sacajawea, which translates as "Bird Woman".

Saca comes from a strong hunting line developed by Sky High Retrievers in WA.  So, she has a shorter coat that is easier to care for, has an instinct love of birds, and will go anywhere to retrieve a bird.

She started hunting when she was 8 months old.  She did not want to give up her first bird.


She quickly learned how to catch a scent, move in slowly, and then jump at the bird when Pat and I were behind her. Flushing birds in snow was especially fun.  She also loves to swim and retrieve sticks or the rubber duckie.  And playing with Freezy, especially in the snow, is always great fun.  And she loves to retrieve her rubber ducky in the water, even if there are waves.



She is just a sweet loving dog and beautiful too!