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Canine Friends


Myrna Loy
(aka Mernie)

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Mernie is the 10th service dog puppy I have raised. She was born to Loving Paws Assistance Dogs in May 2006. She is part golden retriever and part yellow lab. Her litter theme was classic movie stars so all of her brothers and sisters have famous Hollywood names.  Mernie very quickly showed that she was a fast learner, had an awesome personality and would really stick in my heart. It was not easy to let her go back for Advanced Training in June 2007 and I still miss her terribly, but I have images of a glowing child's face when they get my sweet girl.  After 6 months of Advanced Training with Loving Paws, Mernie was transferred to Graduate School with another program, NEADS, in MA. Mernie graduated as a Specialty Dog in May 2008. It is rare for a dog to be able to learn to work with more than one disability but her special person, Jennifer, has MS and is also deaf so Mernie not only helps by picking up things, opening doors, etc. She also alerts Jennifer to the door bell, telephone, fire alarm, etc. She was a special puppy and is now a special dog.