The Rest of the Pack

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Canine Friends


Freezeout Lake, aka Freezy

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Freezeout Lake, aka Freezy is a yellow English lab born June 2008. She joined our pack in August. She has a great personality, is a sweetie, has fit in well with the rest of the pack and will be our new hunting companion. Freezer spent the summer learning to fit into the pack and also helping me paint.

Then it was hunting season and we took her to Freezeout Lake, her namesake, for her 'baptism'.


She very quickly decided that she loved water and birds and following Joy and Ruger when they were hunting pheasants.  So now she has been retrieving, seen birds shot, knows what a pheasant trail smells like and knows that heading out to the field is very much fun.

She is now almost 8 months and nearly full size.  Her loving spirit has continued to grow with her body.  She cannot get enough tummy rubs!

Freezer has been working hard on her hunting skills.  She loves water and loves to retrieve so it isn't really work for her!