Gareth Gareth is a golden retriever born in Santa Rosa, CA in the CCI program.  He graduated from grade school with me to CCI advanced training in Aug 1999.  He was subsequently released with health problems which made him unacceptable as an assistance dog.  He was adopted by one of the CCI staff.

As a Puppy  Gareth and Carlene at Graduation Day when Gareth moved into advanced training.
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Graduating to advanced training.

 Lennon is a yellow lab also born in CA in the CCI program.  He graduated from puppy school with me to advanced training at CCI in May of 2000.  He suffered separation anxiety which he displayed as fearful aggressive behavior and was released from the program.  He was adopted by a retired, widowed gentleman for whom he now provides companionship.

Lennon and Gareth
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