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In Memory




8 November 2003--25 July 2013


Ruger died of pancreatic cancer on 25 July 2013.  Words cannot describe our sadness.


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 RugerWe rescued Ruger Red Label through the UT Viszla Rescue Organization in March 2004. We had been looking for a Viszla to be a hunting dog and decided to check out the rescues since that is another aspect of the dog world that we wanted to be involved in. Ruger and a couple of his brothers were taken from their breeder because of neglect. He suffered from malnutrition and that with weeks on a small concrete area had nearly flattened his feet to the crippling point. He was also fearful and shy. But he slept quietly in my arms on the way home from UT and quickly endeared us with his loving personality. We started his hunter training after he had a chance to sRugerettle in with us and his intelligence and natural abilities were quickly evident. By the fall of 2004 we felt he was ready for his first hunting experience but then we discovered the painful side of his personality. Because of his months of neglect and no socialization and limited food, Ruger was basically very insecure when not at home. As we started his first hunt, we watched his fear emerge and his self-confidence fade. It was sad to see him feeling that way.  But he was such a loving pup. In addition to his constant desire to give affection, one of Ruger's other talents was his speed aRugernd his gazelle-like runs were a marvel to watch. He was always looking for someone to run with and any new puppy would engage in his favorite game even though they could never keep up or out run him. Then in the fall of 2008, Ruger discovered that he loved the scent of pheasants and especially liked the old wily ones that would rather run than fly.  Because of his speed, he was able to catch up with them easily and flush them.  His new joy of hunting and his loving personality made him a wonderful part of our pack.  This photo was taken at Freezout Lake when Ruger, Joy and a young Freezy went to hunt pheasants.