The Rest of the Pack

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In Memory


A dear canine friend, Maggie, was gently put to sleep last night. 
The poem is for her.  Run free, Maggie. 

--Alice Stanley and Steve Maly


Maggie, Steve, and Tarka camping

Lone Dog

I am a lean dog, a keen dog, a wild dog, and lone;
I am a rough dog, a tough dog, hunting on my own;
I am a bad dog, a mad dog, teasing silly sheep;
I love to sit and bay the moon, to keep fat souls from sleep.

Not for me the other dogs, running by my side,
Some have run a short while, but none of them would bide.
O mine is still the lone trail, the hard trail, the best,
Wide wind, and wild stars, and hunger of the quest.
                                  --Irene Rutherford Mcleod

Maggie as a pup