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5 December 2000-10 October 2010

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Joy was the first puppy born in the Loving Paws Assistanace Dog breeding program, in December 2000.  She even has the number 1 tatooed in her ear.


She came to Montana in March 2001, the sweetest puppy ever! 


Tarka came to MT to start her puppy raising with Joy now her mentor.


Shortly after Tarka came to MT, her sister Tring joined her and Joy had two puppies to keep track of but by now she was a super sister.   

At 10 months of age Joy went back to CA for Advanced Training.  Her brother Dasher was also living in MT and they returned to CA together.


However, being a service dog was not in Joy's future and she became very depressed in Advanced Training.  The trainers tried everything to get her to just eat and play let alone try to learn a few advanced skills but she was too sad and was finally released.  As her puppy raiser I got first choice of getting her back and I readily agreed to have my Joysie back. 

With the help of Angel Flight we got Joy back to Montana, just shortly before Tarka and Tring returned to CA for Advanced Training.  It was a great reunion the first day home with Jack, Calli, Tarka and Tring when Joysie was home again. 


She went on to become a registered therapy dog and helped me raise 7 puppies; she touched many lives in many different ways, really was an angel disguised as a dog.

On June 2010 Joy was diagnosed with lymphoma.  She began chemotherapy the next day.  She made it through her 11th chemo treatment when a wound caused by leakage of one of the drugs into her back leg went necroctic on 7 Oct 2010.  By Sunday, the 10th she was asking us to let her go, be free of the horibble pain and we did.  Our hearts ache, she was my best friend, helped me raise 7 puppies, was always with me; I cannot imagine life without her.  My tears are endless. 

Joy was like a sister to me; ours was one of the deepest connections I have ever had with a dog.  This photo was taken in September, about a month before her death.