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In Memory


Jane Rogers

Joy's special friend, Jane, had a seizure and stroke on Monday at the Rocky Mountain Care Center where we had been visiting her on a weekly basis since mid-April. She was moved to St. Peter's hospital on Tuesday and the family chose to have life support removed on Wednesday. Jane died this morning shortly after midnight.
Joy and I visited her yesterday afternoon. When we got there, several family members, including her husband Bob whom Joy and I had met, were standing vigil. I introduced ourselves, through a flood of tears, and they stepped aside to let us near Jane. I sat down in the chair next to her bed and her face was towards me. Joy wanted to get up on the bed badly and I let her just put her front feet up.  I uncovered Jane's hand and Joy sniffed it and then she looked at Jane's face, raised her head and sniffed strongly at the air above Jane's head, lowered her head looking at Jane's face, and then got off the bed and laid down on the floor. After a few minutes, Joy got up and went to each person in the room, let them pet her and then came back to me and put her feet up on the bed again and this time just looked at Jane for a few seconds and then laid down on the floor beside me.
Rest in peace, dear Jane. We will miss you.
Carlene and Joy